druidsfire: (Radio Free Gallifrey)
druidsfire ([personal profile] druidsfire) wrote2016-01-01 10:05 pm

RFG: New Year's Day 2016

Here's tonight's playlist.

The FuMP - 1000 FuMPs
Dino-Mike - Don't Be Obscene
Devo Spice - Dinky McDiddlyboots
Nuclear Bubble Wrap - Creating Drama for the Wolves
MC Lars - The Top 10 Things to Never Say on a First Date
Holy Bongwater - Ben Carson Wikipedia
Insane Ian - Back to the Future
Insane Ian - The Hunger Games
Lemon Demon - Goosebumps Live
Mikey Mason - Better Than Darth Vader
McMcCormick - Movember
Nuclear Bubble Wrap - The Fault in Our Death Stars
Project Sisyphus - Beneath It All (Song of the Miner)
Lemon Demon - Sad
Small Batch Mafia - Now or Never Baby
Smash Claw - Claustrophobia
Steve Goodie - I Just Sneezed in My Pie
Nathaniel Johnstone - Snugglefish
Project Sisyphus - Everybody Wants to Be a Girl
Smile.dk - Love and Devotion
Worm Quartet - The Ballad of Dr. Stopp
Consortium of Genius - Middle Earth Needs Me
Jonathan Coulton - Soft Rocked By Me
Abney Park - The Circus at the End of the World
Tom Smith - Spoiler Alert
Todd Chappelle - Amish Girl
Tim Cavanagh - Fry Up an Eagle
Power Salad - The Waiter Dropped the Plates
E-Type - Calling Your Name
Space Ghost - Oh Fun Key Bay Bee
Throwing Toasters - Fake