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druidsfire ([personal profile] druidsfire) wrote2016-02-26 10:20 pm

RFG: 02 26 16

Here's tonight's playlist.

Steve Goodie - Loving Her (Is Like Playing at the Bluebird Cafe)
Luke Ski feat. The Nick Atoms - The Ballad of Optimus Prime
Luke Ski - Because of Bob
The B-52s - Roam
Dan Hart - Doesn't Play Well
Arrogant Worms - Forgive Us, We're Canadian
Possible Oscar - Dead Again
Tom Smith - Bermuda Triangle
XTC - Scarecrow People
Carla Ulbrich - Patient 2946065
Worm Quartet - Let's Break Some Furniture
Nick Atoms - Electra Woman and Dyna Girl
Arrogant Worms - Great to Be a Nerd
Devo Spice - Road Ragin'
Smile.dk - First time Lovers
Raymond and Scum - Aerosmith Song
RHPS - Eddie
Yakko Warner - The Nations of the World
Soggy Potato Chips - No Sleep Til Babylon
Frank Hayes - Eban Post
Throwing Toasters - (The Ballad of) Chang Shao Pang
Weird Al - UHF
Luke Ski - Cornholio
The Boobles - Breasts are Great!
Ookla the Mok - Mr. Mxyzptlk Bizarro World
TV's Kyle - It's Just a Dream (Luigi's Lament)
Schoolhouse Rock - Mother Necessity