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druidsfire ([personal profile] druidsfire) wrote2016-03-18 10:09 pm

RFG: 03 18 16

Here's tonight's playlist.

Drew Jacobs - Half a Song
Devo Spice - Getting Old Sucks
Robert Lund - I'm Everything
Eric Coleman - Fanboy Prison nightmare
Bob Ricci - Five For Two
Devo Spice - CGI
Paul & Storm - The Miranda Lullaby
Steve Goodie - Outside the box
TMTWNBBFN - Free Spirit
Brak and Zorak - Bay Gulls
Richard Cheese - Fight For Your Right
Animaniacs - A Quake! A Quake!
TV's Kyle - Good Advice
Steve Goodie - Thank God I'm a Country Star
The CoG - Science Fight
Robert Lund - I Peed in the Pool
Devo Spice & Carrie Dahlby - Stupid as Charged
Luke Ski - I Am a Vamp of Constant Sorrow
Ookla the Mok - Rishathra, Or, Prime Directive Schmime Directive
Frou Frou - Holding Out for a Hero
Abney Park - Scupper Shanty
Mikey Mason - In My Head
Possible Oscar - Captain Mal (Aiming to Misbehave)
TMBG - I Should Be Allowed to Think
Possible Oscar feat. Power Salad - Filler
Mikey Mason - Battle Hymn of the Murder Hobos
Throwing Toasters - Ellen
Steve Goodie - I Am the Horcrux
Weird Al - Sports Song
Smile.dk - Love and Devotion
LazyTown - Woof, Woof, Woof
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I'd forgotten about that version. I don't know if I have a copy anywhere.