druidsfire: (Radio Free Gallifrey)
druidsfire ([personal profile] druidsfire) wrote2016-05-27 10:04 pm

RFG: 05 27 16

Here's tonight's playlist.

Ookla the Mok - Rishathra, Or Prime Directive Shmime Directive
Moxy Fruvous - I've Gotta Get a Message to You
Marc Gunn - Wild Kitty
Boogie Knights - Pooka
Julia Ecklar - Petalwing: The Remembering
Throwing Toasters - The RA Song
Nuclear Bubble Wrap - The Fault in Our Death Stars
Carla Ulbrich - Duet with a Klingon
RHPS - The Time Warp
Tom Smith - 500 Hats
Abney Park - Creep
Tony Goldmark - The Road!
TV's Kyle - Kitty-Cat Girl
B52s - Rock Lobster
Emerald Rose - Goth Baby
Mikey Mason - Drinking with Satan
Voltaire - Day of the Dead
MC Lars - Hey There Ophelia
Jonathan Coulton - Mr. Fancy Pants
TMTWNBBFN - Margate Fhtagn
Flogging Molly - Black Friday Rule
TMBG - Ana Ng
Weird Al - Midnight Star
Emerald Rose - No Booze Today
Devo Spice - The Dumbest Song on Rockbound
Flat 29 - Best Job Ever
Emerald Rose - Merry Mayfolk