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druidsfire ([personal profile] druidsfire) wrote2016-06-24 10:37 pm

RFG: Penultimate 06 24 16

Here's tonight's playlist.

Insane Ian (feat. Possible Oscar) - If I Had a Rocket Launcher
TV's Kyle (feat. Dictionary Attack) - And Counting
Mikey Mason - Kobolds Ate My Baby
Bandbox - Whistling in the Dark
Devo Spice (feat. Power Salad) - Not Amused
Abney Park - Katyusha
Arrogant Worms - Horizon
Beastie Boys - Fight For Your Right
Billy Connolly - Scottish National Highland Dress
Chameleon Circuit - Count the Shadows
Chris Mezzolesta - Mommy's Broken (B-52s Version)
The Chieftains (feat. The Rolling Stones) - The Rocky Road to Dublin
DaVinci's Notebook - Internet Porn
Emerald Rose - Never Split the Party
Extraordinary Contraptions - Burn
The Gothsicles - Konami Code IV
Luke Ski - I Am a Vamp of Constant Sorrow
Hot Waffles - The Yolk's On You
Information Society - Free
Insane Ian - Bob-Omb
Jonathan Coulton - RE: Your Brains
Kobe LaCroix - We Are the Vikings
Elite Tauren Chieftain - I Am Murloc
MC Lars - True Player for Real
Mikey Mason - Goonies (Never Say Die)
Moxy Fruvous - Zard Snodgrass
Nathaniel Johnstone - Flight of the Ikarus
Ookla the Mok - Me and My Monkey
Ookla the Mok - Not Me and My Monkey
Paul and Storm - Nun Fight