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This is the last playlist for Radio Free Gallifrey, the day after its 10th anniversary. Thank you everyone who listened to me over the years.

Weird Al - Christmas at Ground Zero
TMBG - XTC vs. Adam Ant
Mikey Mason - Best Game Ever
Wakko Warner - Wakko's America
Moxy Fruvous - King of Spain (Cranky Monarch)
Nathaniel Johnstone - Snugglefish
Weird Al - Word Crimes
Arrogant Worms - Proud to Be Canadian
Boogie Knights - House on Pooh Corner
The Bards - Do Virgins Taste Better Medley
Buffy Musical - Walk Through the Fire
Moxy Fruvous - Independence Day
Information Society Over the Sea
James Arnold Taylor - Let's Get Spocked
Carla Ulbrich - If I Had the Copyright
CdSW? - The Bible, an Audio Book
Devo Spice - King of Kong
Colin Baker - Gallifreyan Buccaneer
Emerald Rose - Donald McGillivray
Extraordinary Contraptions - Prelude to the Nocturnis
Feng Shui Ninjas - Greensleeves
Luke Ski - Stealing Like a Hobbit
Jonathan Coulton - Code Monkey
Ookla the Mok - Rats Live on No Evil Star
Paul and Storm - The Ballad of Eddie Praeger
Possible Oscar - That Calls for a Wilhelm Scream
Nuclear Bubble Wrap - Sharktopus
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Here's tonight's playlist.

Insane Ian (feat. Possible Oscar) - If I Had a Rocket Launcher
TV's Kyle (feat. Dictionary Attack) - And Counting
Mikey Mason - Kobolds Ate My Baby
Bandbox - Whistling in the Dark
Devo Spice (feat. Power Salad) - Not Amused
Abney Park - Katyusha
Arrogant Worms - Horizon
Beastie Boys - Fight For Your Right
Billy Connolly - Scottish National Highland Dress
Chameleon Circuit - Count the Shadows
Chris Mezzolesta - Mommy's Broken (B-52s Version)
The Chieftains (feat. The Rolling Stones) - The Rocky Road to Dublin
DaVinci's Notebook - Internet Porn
Emerald Rose - Never Split the Party
Extraordinary Contraptions - Burn
The Gothsicles - Konami Code IV
Luke Ski - I Am a Vamp of Constant Sorrow
Hot Waffles - The Yolk's On You
Information Society - Free
Insane Ian - Bob-Omb
Jonathan Coulton - RE: Your Brains
Kobe LaCroix - We Are the Vikings
Elite Tauren Chieftain - I Am Murloc
MC Lars - True Player for Real
Mikey Mason - Goonies (Never Say Die)
Moxy Fruvous - Zard Snodgrass
Nathaniel Johnstone - Flight of the Ikarus
Ookla the Mok - Me and My Monkey
Ookla the Mok - Not Me and My Monkey
Paul and Storm - Nun Fight
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Here's tonight's playlist.

Oxhorn - An Oxhorn Brand Medley
Paul and Storm - The Captain's Wife's Lament
Possible Oscar - Dead Again
Smile.dk - Together
TV's Kyle - House Party at Arkham Asylum
Emerald Rose - Urania Sings
Possible Oscar - How We Recycle (Same Song)
Worm Quartet - I'm Gonna Procreate
Ookla the Mok - Mr. W
Bedlam Bards - Daschunds with Erections
Throwing Toasters - Patrick the Spoiler
Steam Powered Giraffe - Steam Man Band (Reprise)
Steam Powered Giraffe - Brass Goggles
The Bards - Jedi Drinking Song Prequel
Abney Park - The Casbah
Bog Ricci - Unhackable
TMBG - Au Contraire
MC Lars - Signing Emo
RHPS - Sweet Transvestite
Gogol Bordello - Wonderlust King
Jonathan Coulton - Ikea
Voltaire - Irresponsible
Throwing Toasters - Ellen
Carrie Dahlby (feat. Possible Oscar) - What's Wrong with this Song
Frank Hayes - Little Fuzzy Animals
Paul and Storm - Me Make Fire
Frank Hayes - When I Was a Boy
The CoG - Blinded by Science
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Here's tonight's playlist.

Jonathan Coulton - Skullcrusher Mountain
Power Salad - It's Its
Feng Shui Ninjas - Video Killed the Radio Star
Tom Smith - Tom Smith Disease
Mikey Mason - Unicron
Paul and Storm - Buffett Night (Tonight I'm a Parrothead)
Luke Ski feat. Carrie Dahlby - Anime Fan
Robert Lund and Spaff - Uranus
Jonathan Coulton - I Feel Fantastic
Carl Ulbrich - Scrambled Eggs
Paul and Storm - Your Love Is (Love Song with Metaphor)
Chameleon Circuit - Regenerate Me
Boogie Knights - Madagascar
Abney Park - The Wrong Side
Bedlam Bards - The Drunken Virgin Jig Set
Gothsicles - Save Dat. Mermaid
Robert Lund and Spaff - Shakespearian Pie
CdSW? - Escargot Flambe a La Mode
Steve Goodie - What's In My Hotdog
Voltaire - This Sea
Arrogant Worms - Steel Drivin' Man
Bedlam Bards and Marc Gunn - Fruity Oaty Bars
Toyota - This Island Earth
Robert Lund and Spaff - I Wanna Be Your Hugh Hefner
Wally Pleasant - Scotch and Soda
Ookla the Mok - Mr. Mxyzptlk Bizarro World
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Here's tonight's playlist.

Barnes & Barnes - Fish Heads
Bandbox - 76 Flat Trombones
Carrie Dahlby (feat. Power Salad) - A19
Ookla the Mok - Buffalo CA
Paul and Storm - Live
Seamonkey - Swine Flu!
Insane Ian (feat. the Stacey) - Assassins Creed
Abney Park - Buy the Captain Rum
Devo Spice - Cupcakes!
Weird Al - Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies
Frenchy and the Punk - I'm Free
Moxy Fruvous - Independence Day
Power Salad - Charlie Sheen
Eiffel 65 - Dub in Life
Arrogant Worms - The Ballad of Edna and Ida
Raymond and Scum - Blair Witch
Todd Chappelle - Six Days a Week
TMBF - Rat Patrol
Ookla the Mok - Hollywood's Ending
The Monkees - Zor and Zam
Seamonkey - Onry Handjob
Rob Paravonian - Pachelbel
TV's Kyle - Grumbledy
Abney Park - Chronofax/Letter Between a Little Boy and Himself as an Adult
Nuclear Bubble Wrap - Inyourendo
Devo Spice - Weird Al Didn't Write This Song
Weird Al - The Hot Rocks Polka
Mikey Mason - Natural 20
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Here's tonight's playlist.

Ookla the Mok - Rishathra, Or Prime Directive Shmime Directive
Moxy Fruvous - I've Gotta Get a Message to You
Marc Gunn - Wild Kitty
Boogie Knights - Pooka
Julia Ecklar - Petalwing: The Remembering
Throwing Toasters - The RA Song
Nuclear Bubble Wrap - The Fault in Our Death Stars
Carla Ulbrich - Duet with a Klingon
RHPS - The Time Warp
Tom Smith - 500 Hats
Abney Park - Creep
Tony Goldmark - The Road!
TV's Kyle - Kitty-Cat Girl
B52s - Rock Lobster
Emerald Rose - Goth Baby
Mikey Mason - Drinking with Satan
Voltaire - Day of the Dead
MC Lars - Hey There Ophelia
Jonathan Coulton - Mr. Fancy Pants
TMTWNBBFN - Margate Fhtagn
Flogging Molly - Black Friday Rule
TMBG - Ana Ng
Weird Al - Midnight Star
Emerald Rose - No Booze Today
Devo Spice - The Dumbest Song on Rockbound
Flat 29 - Best Job Ever
Emerald Rose - Merry Mayfolk
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Here's tonight's playlist.

InSoc - Think
Raymond and Scum - Product Placement Love Song
TMBG - Memo to Human Resources
Ookla the Mok - Curb Your Dogma
TMBG - The Guitar
Throwing Toasters - Skrewu
Marc Gunn - Jedi Drinking Song
Phil Johnson - If I Were a Girl
Schoolhouse Rock - A Noun is a Person, Place, or Thing
Professor Elemental - The Quest for the Golden Frog
Paul and Storm - You Left Me
Jonathan Coulton - Curl
Bedlam Bards - Big Damn Trilogy
Steve Goodie - F U R2D2
The Nick Atoms - He is the Doctor
Insane Ian - Achievement Unlocked
Tom Smith - On the PC
Nathan Lane et. al - Comedy Tonight
Frenchy and the Punk - Hey Hey Cabaret
Tom Smith - Crystal Gale Killed Frank Herbert
TMBG - The Statue Got Me High
Weird Al - Why Does This Always Happen to Me?
Sam Kinison - Wild Thing
TMBG - Why Does the Sun Shine?
Sudden Death - Reign of Error
Worm Quartet - I Know You're a Fish
Arrogant Worms - Billy the Theme Park Shark
Marc Gunn - Harry Potter and the Rising of the Moon
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Here's today's playlist.

Voltaire - The USS Make Shit Up
Weird Al - White and Nerdy
Marc Gunn - A Cat Named Rover
Blues Brothers - Jailhouse Rock
Steve Goodie - If It's Right
TMBG - They Got Lost
Flat 29 - Best Job Ever
Emerald Rose - Freya, Shakti
MC Lars - The Metric System
Carla Ulbrich - Patient 2946065
Henry Phillips - I'm in Minneapolis (You're in Hollywood)
Zorak's Horrorscopes: Scorpio
Billy Connolly - Demands
Benny Bell - Shaving Cream
The Four Postmen - Gentleman A
Weird Al - Hooked on Polkas
Tod Chappelle - Kids Eat Free
Tom Smith - Whose Idea Was
Moxy Fruvous - Stuck in the 90s
Rob Balder - Cheap Plastic Doll
Wally Pleasant - Nightclub of Our Discontent
Luke Ski - What's Up Spock?
Tom 'T-Bone' Stankus - Existential Blues
Possible Oscar - Underboob
Nathaniel Johnstone - Dance With Me
Jon Pertwee - Pure Mystery
Ookla the Mok - Monkey Must Do
Steve Goodie - Dumbledore
TVs Kyle - Barney the Purple Ranger
Smile.dk - Tic Toc
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Here's tonight's playlist:

The B-52s - Tell It Like It-I-Is
MC Lars - This Gigantic Robot Kills
Power Salad - Elephant Song
Frenchy and the Punk - House of Cards
Tom Smith - Cthulhu Lite FM
Steve Goodie - If You Want to Say Fuck, Say Fuck
TMBG - Spoiler Altert
Luke Ski - I Kissed a Squirrel
Phil Johnson - Here Comes My Baby
TV's Kyle (feat. Insane Ian & Austin Aeschliman) - Satan's Burlesque
Animaniacs - The Ballad of Magellan
Raymond and Scum - Her Heart Belongs to Goldblum
Marc Gunn - Clementine Blues
Paul and Storm - Oh, No
Bedlam Bards - Leaf on the Wind
Weird Al - Callin' in Sick
Hot Waffles - Living on a Roll and a Prayer
Steve Goodie - Les's Morgue
Bob Ricci - Photoshop
Boogie Knights - Last of Your Line
Eiffel 65 - Europop
Steam Powered Giraffe - Automatic Electronic Harmonics
Tom Smith - 307 Ale
Steve Goodie - Cupcake
Luke Ski - All I Want to Do is Shoot Some Guns
Devo Spice - Disclaimer
Tom Waits - Little Drop of Poison
The Boobles - Breastman!
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Here's what I played tonight:

Animaniacs - International Friendship Song
Steve Goodie - Quidditch Ball Wizard
Weird Al - I Can't Watch This
Carla Ulbrich - If I Had the Copyright
Nuclear Bubble Wrap - Hypotenuse
Nathaniel Johnstone - The Heart Unwound
DJ Particle - Sadako Came to the Arcade
Paul and Storm - You Left Me
CdSW? - A Fucking Room
The CoG - MILK
Boogie Knights - Where O Where Art Though Tonight?
Weird Al - Buckingham Blues
Boogie Knights - Act Like a Magician
Ookla the Mok - Mr Mxyzptlk Bizarro World
Possible Oscar - The Room Party Song
TMTWNBBFN - Doing It for the Whigs
The CoG - Lab Coat
Possible Oscar - Internet Trio
Tom Smith - Bacon (John Denver as a Mofo Version)
Marc Gunn - Monahan's Mudder's Milk
Jonathan Coulton - Ikea
Moxy Fruvous - Video Disco Bargainville
Emerald Rose - Her Majesty's Airship Corps
Tony Goldmark - Penguin on the Telly
Luke Ski - Bart Simp Sun
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Here's what I played tonight.

TV's Kyle - It's Hip to Jump on Squares
Jonathan Coulton - Big Bad World One
Todd Chappelle - Never Marry a Peterson
Tony Goldmark - Burn
Wally Pleasant - VH1 Song
Arrogant Worms - Proud to Be Canadian
Power Salad - I Saw the Coelacanths
Flat 29 - Teach Your Baby Bass Guitar
Jonathan Coulton - Mr. Fancy Pants
Voltaire - It's Bigger on the Inside
Tim Cavanagh - What Would Jesus Eat
Devo Spice - In the 80s
Ookla the Mok - Go to Bed
Steve Goodie feat. Megan Flechette - The Pat Benatar Hair-Loss Medley
Bedlam Bards & Marc Gunn - It's Good to Have Jayne on Your Side
Tom Smith - Two Guys Kissin' Ruined My Life
Brak - Brak Can't Stop Laughing
Devo Spice feat. Worm Quartet - Devo Are You Shoebox?
Rycehat - Front and Center
Chameleon Circuit - Gallifreyan History 101
Mikey Mason - The Button
Worm Quartet - Coffee
Steve Goodie - Dumbledore
The CoG - What a Friend We Have in Cthulu
Tom Smith - Felis Draco
Ookla the Mok - Challenge of the Space Monkeys
Paul and Storm - Dusty California
Worm Quarte - I'm Gonna Procreate
Steve Goodie - The NASCAR Song
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Here's tonight's playlist.

Drew Jacobs - Half a Song
Devo Spice - Getting Old Sucks
Robert Lund - I'm Everything
Eric Coleman - Fanboy Prison nightmare
Bob Ricci - Five For Two
Devo Spice - CGI
Paul & Storm - The Miranda Lullaby
Steve Goodie - Outside the box
TMTWNBBFN - Free Spirit
Brak and Zorak - Bay Gulls
Richard Cheese - Fight For Your Right
Animaniacs - A Quake! A Quake!
TV's Kyle - Good Advice
Steve Goodie - Thank God I'm a Country Star
The CoG - Science Fight
Robert Lund - I Peed in the Pool
Devo Spice & Carrie Dahlby - Stupid as Charged
Luke Ski - I Am a Vamp of Constant Sorrow
Ookla the Mok - Rishathra, Or, Prime Directive Schmime Directive
Frou Frou - Holding Out for a Hero
Abney Park - Scupper Shanty
Mikey Mason - In My Head
Possible Oscar - Captain Mal (Aiming to Misbehave)
TMBG - I Should Be Allowed to Think
Possible Oscar feat. Power Salad - Filler
Mikey Mason - Battle Hymn of the Murder Hobos
Throwing Toasters - Ellen
Steve Goodie - I Am the Horcrux
Weird Al - Sports Song
Smile.dk - Love and Devotion
LazyTown - Woof, Woof, Woof
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Here's tonight's playlist.

Possible Oscar - Talk Nerdy to Me
Throwing Toasters - Things I'd Do 4 U
Mikey Mason - Waste 'em with My Crossbow
TMTWNBBFN - Margate Fhtagn
Voltaire - Dead
Tom Smith and Toyboat - 307 Ale
Worm Quartet - Mommy's Broken
Nena - 99 Red Balloons
Thoryana and the Band of Exiles - Learn2Heal
Smash Claw - Close But No Cigar
Carla Ulbrich - My Love
Steve Goodie - Avada Kedavra
DJ Particle - Leela
Flogging Molly - Another Bag of Bricks
Zorak's Horoscopes - Scorpio
Tom Smith - The Romance of George and Al
Mikey Mason - Drinking with Satan
Weird Al - Callin' in Sick
Tom Smith and karen Underwood - Underneath the Fur
The Bards - Beer, Beer, Beer
CdSW? - Stoogefighter Theme by Soggy Potato Chips
Weird Al - I Was Only Kidding
Steve Goodie - What's in My Hot Dog
Throwing Toasters - Rainbow's End
Boogie Knights - I'll Rock Your World
Worm Quartet - Sheep Marketing Ploy
Throwing Toasters - Cheese Enough
Weird Al - It's All About the Pentiums
Kobi Lacroix - We Are the Vikings
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Here's tonight's playlist.

Steve Goodie - Loving Her (Is Like Playing at the Bluebird Cafe)
Luke Ski feat. The Nick Atoms - The Ballad of Optimus Prime
Luke Ski - Because of Bob
The B-52s - Roam
Dan Hart - Doesn't Play Well
Arrogant Worms - Forgive Us, We're Canadian
Possible Oscar - Dead Again
Tom Smith - Bermuda Triangle
XTC - Scarecrow People
Carla Ulbrich - Patient 2946065
Worm Quartet - Let's Break Some Furniture
Nick Atoms - Electra Woman and Dyna Girl
Arrogant Worms - Great to Be a Nerd
Devo Spice - Road Ragin'
Smile.dk - First time Lovers
Raymond and Scum - Aerosmith Song
RHPS - Eddie
Yakko Warner - The Nations of the World
Soggy Potato Chips - No Sleep Til Babylon
Frank Hayes - Eban Post
Throwing Toasters - (The Ballad of) Chang Shao Pang
Weird Al - UHF
Luke Ski - Cornholio
The Boobles - Breasts are Great!
Ookla the Mok - Mr. Mxyzptlk Bizarro World
TV's Kyle - It's Just a Dream (Luigi's Lament)
Schoolhouse Rock - Mother Necessity
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Here's tonight's playlist.

Power Salad - Beethoven at the Ribfest
Weird Al - Hardware Store
Insane Ian - Rated-G Life - Jonny Rotten as a Mofo Version
The Gothsicles - Devastator (SPC Remix)
Dr. Steel - Back and Forth
Tim Cavanagh - Get Drunk with Dignity
Devo Spice - Cellular Degeneration
Brak - Front Door - Backside
Luke Ski - Resistance
The Cog is Dead - The Death of the Cog
Ookla the Mok - Challenge of the Space Monkeys
Throwing Toasters - Freak Love
Marc Gunn - Jasper Tabby Kitty Cat-y
Henry Phillips - Maybe They Won't Kill You
TV's Kyle - Good Advice
The CoG - Lab Girl
The Monkees - I Never Thought It Peculiar
Luke Ski and Carrie Dahlby - Holding Out for Hiro
Tom Smith - Psychic Voicemail Hotline
Power Salad - The Fire at the Old Diploma Mill
Carl Ulbrich - Nothing to Say
Tom Smith and Anne Schneider - Five Years
Mikey Mason - Natural 20
The Bards - Seven Drunken Nights
DaVinci's Notebook - The Gates
MC Lars and Worm Quartet - The Metric System
TMTWNBBFN - Steph(v)enson
Arrogant Worms - Billy the Theme Park Shark
Nuclear Bubble Wrap - Know Your Power Chords
Paul and Storm - Frogger! the Frogger Musical
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Here's tonight's playlist.

Bob Dorough - Lucky Seven Sampson
Tom Smith - Creatures of the Night
Flogging Molly - Rebels of the Sacred Heart
TMBG - Memo to Human Resources
Tony Goldmark - Penguin on the Telly
Robert Lund and Spaff - 50 Ways to Lose Your Luggage
Bill and Ted - The Boys and the Girls are Doing It
Worm Quartet - Call Me Jennifer and Steal My Stapler
Luke Ski - Murder Was the Play
Jonathan Coulton- Don't Talk to Strangers
The Boobles - Double Ds!
Bob Ricci - Blockbuster Video Girl
Emerald Rose - Clockwork Love
Steven Banks - I Miss Paul
Foxy Furious - Video Disco Bargainville
Arrogant Worms - Canada is Really Big
Possible Oscar - Underboob
Paul and Storm - Randy Newman's Theme form Seabiscuit
Rycehat - Robot Ninja Zombie Bear
Voltaire - Future Ex Girlfriend
Bobbie Knights - The Hobbit Hole
Smile.dk - Kissy Kissy
Devo Spice - CGI
Marc Gunn - Lord of the Pounce
Jonathan Coulton - Code Monkey
Bob Ricci - More Like Her
Dino-Mike - Nuff Liquor
Arrogant Worms - Trapped in a Country Song
Throwing Toasters - Ellen
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Here's tonight's playlist.

Dan Hart - Millennium Song
NBW - I Never Go to Work
Raymond and Scum - Imagine the Sequel
Abney Park - To The Apocalypse in Daddy's Sidecar
TMBG - Why Does the Sun Shine
Weird Al - I Want a New Duck
Luke Ski - Keanu Barada Nikto
Steve Goodie - Black Water
Devo Spice, feat. Luke Ski and Dual Core - Platform Wars
Tom Smith w/ Karen Underwood - Master of the Multiverse
TMBG - I Palindrome I
Toybox - I Believe in You
TV's Kyle - Ray Fillet
Boogie Knights - Crew of the Raven
Todd Chappelle - Accountant Song
Frenchy and the Punk - Make Out
Moneyshot Cosmonauts - If I Could Be Weird Al
Richard Cheese - Girls, Girls, Girls
Arrogant Worms - The Guy with Computer Know-How
Gothsicles feat. Eric Oehler - Hey I've Got that Font
Devo Spice - Bad Wolf
Luke Ski - I Love You, TiVo
Devo Spice feat. Carrie Dahlby - Life in the Fleet
Smashy Claw - Cardiac Probe
Power Salad - The Table Near the Band
Abney Park - The Casbah
JoCo - Curl
Emerald Rose - Rattlin' Bog
Possible Oscar - Rock is FTW!
Arrogant Worms - Tokyo Love Song
Paul and Storm - Epithets
TV's Kle - Barney the Purple Ranger
JoCo - Not About You
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Here's tonight's playlist.

Oxhorn - An Oxhorn Brand Medley
Abbey Park - Night Train from St. Petersburg
Nuclear Bubble Wrap - Inyourendo
The Bards - The Irishman Who Doesn't Drink
Robert Lund - King Kong
Tom Smith - Alternate Universe Lost & Found
Jennifer Saunders - Holding Out For a Hero
TMBG - Someone Keeps Moving My Chair
Marc Gunn - I Saved the Planet Earth
Rob Balder - Always a Goth Chick
Flogging Molly - From the Back of a Broken Dream
TV's Kyle - Up All Night
Extraordinary Contraptions - Prelude to the Nocturnis
Insane Ian - Hard Corps (Green Lantern's Light)
Paul and Storm - The Ballad of Rufus Amos Adams
Boogie Knights - Madagascar (The Lemur Song)
Raymond and Scum - Degrade Me, Marcia Brady
Jonathan Coulton - I'm Your Moon
Devo Spice & Possible Oscar - Take Back the Music
Brak - Stain
Worm Quartet - Coffee
Smile.dk - Someday
Nuclear Bubble Wrap - Disney Song
Devo Spice - Bacon2: Electric Boogaloo
Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie - The War of 1812
Possible Oscar - Kill the Enemies
Power Salad - Grapes
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Here's tonight's playlist.

Foxy Furious - King of Spain (Cranky Monarch)
Jonathan Coulton - Nobody Loves You Like Me
Drew Jacobs - There's an App for That
Voltaire - Irresponsible
Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction - Geeks Don't Care
Richard Cheese - Helter Skelter
Carla Ulbrich - If I Had the Copyright (The F-Word Song)
Devo Spice - Ozzman
Schoolhouse Rock - A Noun is a Person, Place, or Thing
Possible Oscar - The A-Team is PO'd
Steve Goodie - The NASCAR Song
Worm Quartet - C is for Lettuce
TMBG - Sleepwalkers
Devo Spice - JoCo Got Jacked
TMBG - Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
Smile.dk - Domo Domo Domo
Positude - 2600
Jonathan Coulton - Still Alive
Spamalot - Diva's Lament
Insane Ian - Ant-Man
Voltaire - The Vampire Club
Information Society - Think
Four Postmen - Gentleman A
Leonard Nimoy - Ballad of Bilbo Baggins
Abney Park - Creep
Mikey Mason - The Curse
Luke Ski, Lindsay Smith, Scooter Picnic - I'd Buy that For a Dollar
CdSW? - The Bible, an Audio Book
Insane Ian and Possible Oscar - If I Had a Rocket Launcher
Arrogant Worms - I Am Cow
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Here's tonight's playlist.

The FuMP - 1000 FuMPs
Dino-Mike - Don't Be Obscene
Devo Spice - Dinky McDiddlyboots
Nuclear Bubble Wrap - Creating Drama for the Wolves
MC Lars - The Top 10 Things to Never Say on a First Date
Holy Bongwater - Ben Carson Wikipedia
Insane Ian - Back to the Future
Insane Ian - The Hunger Games
Lemon Demon - Goosebumps Live
Mikey Mason - Better Than Darth Vader
McMcCormick - Movember
Nuclear Bubble Wrap - The Fault in Our Death Stars
Project Sisyphus - Beneath It All (Song of the Miner)
Lemon Demon - Sad
Small Batch Mafia - Now or Never Baby
Smash Claw - Claustrophobia
Steve Goodie - I Just Sneezed in My Pie
Nathaniel Johnstone - Snugglefish
Project Sisyphus - Everybody Wants to Be a Girl
Smile.dk - Love and Devotion
Worm Quartet - The Ballad of Dr. Stopp
Consortium of Genius - Middle Earth Needs Me
Jonathan Coulton - Soft Rocked By Me
Abney Park - The Circus at the End of the World
Tom Smith - Spoiler Alert
Todd Chappelle - Amish Girl
Tim Cavanagh - Fry Up an Eagle
Power Salad - The Waiter Dropped the Plates
E-Type - Calling Your Name
Space Ghost - Oh Fun Key Bay Bee
Throwing Toasters - Fake
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