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druidsfire ([personal profile] druidsfire) wrote2016-07-01 10:08 pm

RFG: 10th Anniversary and Final Show: 07 01 16

This is the last playlist for Radio Free Gallifrey, the day after its 10th anniversary. Thank you everyone who listened to me over the years.

Weird Al - Christmas at Ground Zero
TMBG - XTC vs. Adam Ant
Mikey Mason - Best Game Ever
Wakko Warner - Wakko's America
Moxy Fruvous - King of Spain (Cranky Monarch)
Nathaniel Johnstone - Snugglefish
Weird Al - Word Crimes
Arrogant Worms - Proud to Be Canadian
Boogie Knights - House on Pooh Corner
The Bards - Do Virgins Taste Better Medley
Buffy Musical - Walk Through the Fire
Moxy Fruvous - Independence Day
Information Society Over the Sea
James Arnold Taylor - Let's Get Spocked
Carla Ulbrich - If I Had the Copyright
CdSW? - The Bible, an Audio Book
Devo Spice - King of Kong
Colin Baker - Gallifreyan Buccaneer
Emerald Rose - Donald McGillivray
Extraordinary Contraptions - Prelude to the Nocturnis
Feng Shui Ninjas - Greensleeves
Luke Ski - Stealing Like a Hobbit
Jonathan Coulton - Code Monkey
Ookla the Mok - Rats Live on No Evil Star
Paul and Storm - The Ballad of Eddie Praeger
Possible Oscar - That Calls for a Wilhelm Scream
Nuclear Bubble Wrap - Sharktopus